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It's hard to see in this picture...


but the evaporation rolling off the Ohio this morning is amazing. It's like the best witch's brew special effect you can imagine. Beyond this visual delight, I'm still anti-temperatures in the negative.

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10th Annual Downtown Tour of Living


There's just under 1 hour to go until this year's Tour of Living is over. As usual it was well run and fun to check out the new condos/apartments available in the city.

I especially like Good Fellows Hall Lofts on Main & Trideca Lofts on Vine. The Glass House Lofts on Pendelton had potential but a lot was left to the imagination since it was just roughed in.

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I love living (close to) Downtown

Living in Mt. Auburn is great. The bus stops right in front of my house and the next official stop is Government Square. Perfect for a day like this, when I don't want to get the car out of the garage and don't really need to be anywhere but just want to get out. Downtown feels like my personal playground since White Death 2007 has kept others at home. As much as I usually hate winter weather, today feels like Christmas is just around the corner.
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The Fruit of my Labor


I am lucky enough to have a small courtyard behind my house. It has maybe 100 square feet of dirt, usually covered by weeds.

This year, a kind soul took pity on this patch of soil and planted, amongst other things, a strawberry vine. Since late May, I've watered the vine every day it hasn't rained. Birds and/or the neighborhood stray picked off the first of the season harvest, but last week, one strawberry survived to maturity. I almost felt guilty eating it.

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Who Will Live on The Banks?

The Enquirer is reporting that by the end of 2009 people could be living and working within the Banks development.  Who are those people that will be living there?  What will their demographic makeup?  Upper-class singles?  Upper-class empty nesters?  Middle class singles?  Families?  Many questions remain for the developers.  If other riverfront projects are indicators, the price will be driving who will be living there.  Who will be working there will hopefully be a much more economically diverse cross-section.
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