Get Cloned...


I'm guessing "Get Cloned" was the alternative not chosen when picking this season's tagline, "Get Cyc'd" for the Cincinnati Cyclones.

The home opener was lost to Dayton but I did select a player to root for as the season progresses... Olivier Latendresse, #42, for the following reasons:

  • He was pretty good last season
  • Who knows where to put the accent when pronouncing Latendresse?
  • He's relatively short for a hockey player
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    Cyclones win Kelly Cup


    Last night the Cyclones beat the Las Vegas Wranglers to win the Kelly Cup in the 6th game of the series. Tickets were just $10, probably the best sports ticket bargain ever!
    The attendance was 12,722 and US Bank Arena didn't seem prepared to handle the crowd. Beer, pizza, pretzel & peanut shortages indicated concession management grossly underestimated demand. (Seriously, peanuts?!? Those can be stored for a while, there's no excuse to run out! Sorry, but I get cranky when I'm hungry.)
    Despite the peanut shortage, a good time was had by all. Even after it was apparent that the Cylcones were going to win, people didn't begin the exodus to their cars, they waited and cheered through the MVP & Kelly cup presentations. Each player then skated around holding the cup for photos and the crowd even stayed through most of that.
    Hopefully, the excitement will last until October when next season begins.

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    1 & 1

    The Cyclones are headed to Las Vegas after last night's loss in the ECHL championships. If necessary the series will return to Cinci June 5th & 7th for the final games. Sunday's game was well attended and the crowd was surprisingly age diverse. Scoreless going into the 3rd period, the Wranglers hit the only goal of the game after a mildly aggressive exchange.
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    Let's Go Cyclones!

    Friday was fan appreciation night at US Bank Arena for the Cincinnati Cyclones last home game of the regular season. A record 9,000 people in attendance.

    Things I learned at the game:

    People are nice: the woman in front of us in line gave us her extra buy-one-get-one coupon.

    People like to bring their kids: Cyclones games may be one of the last few sporting events that you can really afford to buy tickets for your entire family.

    Pee wee hockey is cute: actually, it might just be the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

    Hockey is not like real life: in real life when you have a confrontation at work, Korn doesn't immediately start to play. But it should.

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    "Oh hell no, I GOT to see Peyton Manning!"


    This was shouted by a gentleman chasing three luxury motor coaches complete with police escort as they arrived in front of the Westin hotel last night just before 7.

    Sometimes I forget that celebrities come to Cincinnati all the time. Now if we could just get that MLS team going...

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    Paddlefest 2007

    Here's a participants bird's eye view of Paddlefest 2007:
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    Go OTR

    Small but enthusiastic turn out for the first Go OTR 5K Run/Walk. Run/Walk is the best description of my participation. I did make it to the finish in slightly under my predicted time of 33 minutes. Then dropped by Know Theatre for a post-race mimosa.
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    GO OTR 5K Run/Walk

    June 2nd get out your running/walking shoes and take a jaunt through the historic Over-the-Rhine in the OTR 5K run:

    See What’s Old and See What’s New in the GO OTR 5K Run/Walk in Historic Over-the-Rhine. The race/walk travels past much of OTR’s breathtaking historic architecture and provides a glimpse of the revitalization taking place in Over-The-Rhine. Proceeds benefit the Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce. Cost: $10 Pre-Registered, $15 Race Day. Both fees include T-Shirt and a Goody Bag.
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    Going to a Baseball Game.....


    I actually went to a baseball game yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed myself, despite the loss of Reds. Baseballs games are a great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon as long as you don't take the game too seriously. It is April after all, so it doesn't really matter who wins, it matters only if you have fun. Walking around the park, talking with a friend, eating brats, and drinking beer make this an expensive version of a day at Oktoberfest.

    Sitting in the outfield isn't bad, but you can't see the big screen scoreboard at all, thus making the cheers and jeers of the crowd totally incomprehensible. Being in the upper deck would have been worse, for the best food and beer selections are on the lower level. It was surprising to have a beer booth with a variety of beers. I had Hofbrauhaus brew and Stella Artois for the beers of the day. Fine brews on a warm, but pleasant day. Anything heavier would have been too much.

    Ice cream made all the difference. Baseball is associated more with cotton candy and cracker jack as the sweet snacks, but Ice Cream is far better a treat.

    There were a ton of kids there. I take that to be a weekend thing. If you go to a weekday night game I imagine you see fewer kids there while school is still in session. I surprisingly didn't sit near any screamers. A couple of kids where whining, but that goes with the territory when you don't get you have to eat all of your cheese coney before you get the Frosted Malt.

    The game seemed to be the sideshow. Purists surely scorn at that. If I was with a group of baseball nuts, I likely would have had to sit in my seat the whole time, instead of just wondering around. The strolling is what made the day leisurely. That is what baseball is supposed to be, relaxing and calm. Save the intensity for the Bengals game. Give me a serene afternoon with nice conversation over a reserved game any day.

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