Revision of Declaration of Principles from Sun, 04/01/2007 - 10:06am

Cincinnati is a great City. We have culture, music, people, places here that no other City in the world has. There are far too many people who live here who don't know what they have. This where we come in.

I, Mr. Editor, have started this endeavor to bring the people of Cincinnati closer to their own community. The goal is to open the eyes of the people of Cincinnati and peak their interests. No matter what you like to do, you can get your fill your mind with it here in the area. In our attempt to meet this goal, here are the principles we'll employ:
  1. Have Fun - Yes, this is something we are doing for fun.  Fun doesn't mean everything is a joke.  Fun means we enjoy what we are writing about.  If we get a little irreverent along the way, well, blame the booze.
  2. Be Honest - Our writers are going to write what is on their minds.  They will not go on personal crusades.  They will not fear telling the truth.  If an establishment is not very good, they are going to say that.  They will not be jerks about it or will not be writing here.
  3. Be Original
  4. Write from the heart and mind