Cyclones win Kelly Cup

Last night the Cyclones beat the Las Vegas Wranglers to win the Kelly Cup in the 6th game of the series. Tickets were just $10, probably the best sports ticket bargain ever!
The attendance was 12,722 and US Bank Arena didn't seem prepared to handle the crowd. Beer, pizza, pretzel & peanut shortages indicated concession management grossly underestimated demand. (Seriously, peanuts?!? Those can be stored for a while, there's no excuse to run out! Sorry, but I get cranky when I'm hungry.)
Despite the peanut shortage, a good time was had by all. Even after it was apparent that the Cylcones were going to win, people didn't begin the exodus to their cars, they waited and cheered through the MVP & Kelly cup presentations. Each player then skated around holding the cup for photos and the crowd even stayed through most of that.
Hopefully, the excitement will last until October when next season begins.