Who do you guys think you are? We are golden gods! In other words, TheConveyor.com is a website that brings urban life to Cincinnati, advocates urban living & lifestyle, and accentuates culture. Its focus is to convey the positive facets of the city, while maintaining an independent voice by emphasizing constructive criticism.

What's the point? TheConveyor.com seeks to be inclusive to the audience, but exclusive as to content. It is Metropolitan, Cosmopolitan, and a conduit to experience.

What is this thing? TheConveyor.com consists of daily commentary in blog format, reviews, features, a guide to city living/lifestyle/Culture, and a selective calendar listing.

Who are you trying reach? TheConveyor.com appeals to 25 to 45 year olds, but is not limited to age or socio-economic status. It focuses on active "youngish" singles and those not tied down by definition.

What topics does the Conveyor cover? TheConveyor.com has open content, but focuses on: Local Music, Theatre, Dining, Arts, Living- Residential, Retail, Community, The Scene, Sports, Local Books/Blogs/Literature. It is neighborhood specific: Downtown, Northside, OTR - Main Street, Clifton Gaslight District, Clifton Heights/Corryville, Mt. Adams, Mt. Lookout, Hyde Park, Newport, Covington, Pleasant Ridge, Columbia/Tusculum.

Do you guys hate " the suburbs?" No, we just are not concerned with them.

Can I advertise my establishment? We accept advertisements for a fee.

How much does it cost to advertise? More than a dollar, less than your first born. For more see our advertising page.

Is the city guide all encompassing? Not even close! We only include what we know about. This city and the neighborhoods we cover have far more than we are able to list. What we list is our take on what our audience is interested in. If you find something we missed, let us know about it!

Is the calendar comprehensive? You must be joking! There is no way we could keep up with everything going on in this town. TheConveyor.com calendar posts only selected events that our editors believe fit our mission and that would appeal to our readers.

Will you list my event on your calendar? Maybe. TheConveyor.com welcomes submissions of events, but there is no guarantee they will be posted. We seek to provide our readers with an event calendar that fits with our mission. If you want to promote your meeting of the local needle-point club that's great, but it doesn't fit what we're trying to do.

Will you publish my article? It depends, does it suck? See our submissions guide for more information.

How do I comment on a post/article? Sign up here, then hit the comments link at the bottom of each post/article.

Why did you write that crappy story about my favorite place? Well, we don't know how to answer this one without insulting you, so instead we'll just say you have two options: 1) Sign Up and comment on the story and tell us and the rest of the world why we are wrong or 2) Be a pussy and just whine to your few friends.

Are you part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival Organization? No, we are volunteer partners with the CincyFringe fest and annually we provide a blog for the staff and volunteers to post thier wackiness. The views expressed on this site do not necessarly represent the views of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival or any of it's sponsors.